Our Story

Simply put, we were a couple of firefighters looking for something to give purpose to our retirement years. We figured we’d get a little bit of land and a few head of cattle and have ourselves an enjoyable reason to get up every morning. We stumbled upon the Aberdeen/Lowline breed in 2016.

As we learn more about this amazing breed, we realize we need to do our part to not only preserve the history and genetics, but also to educate others about the benefits that Aberdeens can bring to their herd, the pasture and the table. We couldn’t just casually raise Aberdeens. Their story is too good not to share.

We have a modest homestead in Kingsbury Texas. Our goal is not so much to have a big herd, but to have a big impact on the breed and the cattle industry and help continue the exceptional quality in genetics this breed is known for.

We’re committed to doing right by our customers, our land, our cattle, and the Aberdeen breed. We believe more efficient cattle are what the future will demand and Aberdeens exceed that demand.

ABERDEEN ANGUS, not just “Angus”

Most of the modern“Angus” are large framed cattle that have been bred to adapt to grain-finishing. The heritage Aberdeen Angus we seek to preserve are moderate framed, polled, hardy cattle with unparalleled fleshing ability on pasture with little to no supplementation. One can expect more pounds of (buttery and beautifully marbled) beef per acre on about 1/3 less feed. These heritage Aberdeen cattle are exceptionally docile, have superior maternal instinct, shorter gestation times, and lower birth weights allowing for typically easy calving.

What’s in it for YOU?

Perhaps you’re not looking to raise or sell Aberdeen Angus Cattle or beef yourself. Consider using our semen or embryos to add the benefits of Aberdeen genetics to your herd.

  • We offer Certificates & Semen packages
  • Embryo packages also available (flushing done to order) : see our Reference Sires and Donor Cows and Heifers

Call and let us help improve your herd!