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Embryo transplantation and Artificial Insemination are valuable tools that can help increase the numbers of offspring from elite bloodlines. This not only preserves and extends the impact of those elite genetics but also helps expand herd size.


We currently offer semen from the two champion bloodline bulls that we own; they are unrelated to one another or to any other red bloodline in the United States today. We also offer semen from some of our reference sires.

  • Domestic $25 per straw
  • CSS qualified $50 per straw

AI certificates to register with American Aberdeen Association:

  • Full bloods $100
  • Percentage calves $25


We offer embryos from several different red, black, and red factored cows that feature our own champion bloodline bulls.  We can also produce embryos with bulls of your choice.

If using semen from our own bulls, the AI certificates needed to register the calves with the American Aberdeen Association will be provided at no added cost.

Pricing is done per order depending on your needs.

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***We are proud members of the American Aberdeen Association (AAA), as well as the Australian Lowline Cattle Association (ALCA)